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Pet Second Opinion

Learn more about our pet second opinion services below.

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Discover the Assurance of Second Opinions at Brookfield Animal Hospital

Your pets are loved members of your family who need the best care, and we at Brookfield Animal Hospital recognize this. Our dedication to the welfare of your pet goes above and beyond the norm. We are pleased to provide you with a second opinion regarding your pet’s health concerns to help you feel more confident making decisions about your pet’s medical care.

Why Choose a Second Opinion?

At Brookfield, our veterinarians have more than 50 years of collective experience. We’ll work with your pet’s existing diagnostics, spend time talking with you and finding out more about your pet’s health history, and then provide you with a medical treatment plan to best help your pet. Here is why it’s important:

Clarity in Complex Cases: When your pet’s health is at stake, clarity is paramount. Our Second Opinion service provides an additional perspective from our experienced veterinary team. This can be especially valuable in complex cases, where different viewpoints can shed light on the best path forward.

Peace of Mind for Pet Parents: As a pet parent, it’s natural to have questions and concerns about your pet’s health. Seeking a Second Opinion is a proactive way to ensure you’re making the right choices for your furry family member, giving you peace of mind during difficult times.

Validation or Alternatives: A Second Opinion can confirm a diagnosis or offer alternative treatment options. This empowers you with knowledge and choices, enabling you to make the best decisions for your pet’s care.