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Pet Boarding

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a cat lying on a blanket
a cat lying on a blanket

Our Pet’s Home Away from Home

At Brookfield Animal Hospital, we recognize that your pets are treasured members of your family and not just objects to be cared for. You want the assurance that your furry friends are in the best care when life forces you to travel, work, or attend to other obligations away from home. Our first-rate pet boarding service can help with that.

Why Choose Our Pet Boarding Services?

You want peace of mind knowing that your cherished pet is under the best possible care while life takes you away from home, whether for business or pleasure. Our cat boarding accommodations are housed in a separate, quiet room for our feline friends to ensure they experience the utmost tranquility and peace during their stay. This separation ensures a stress-free environment for our cats. Our dog boarding facilities feature double runs, offering ample space for your canine companions to move around and stretch their legs. Why our pet boarding service is unique is as follows:

Home Away from Home: We believe in creating a nurturing and comfortable environment for your pets. We provide bedding and food for all pets or we can feed your own food should you prefer your pet’s diet stay consistent. Select our TLC Boarding Package, and your pet will have premium bedding & additional treats, a photo of your pet will be texted to you daily, and you will receive a Boarding Report Card at the end of their stay.

Experienced Caretakers: Our team consists of dedicated and experienced professionals who are passionate about animals and ensuring that your pet receives the attention, love, and exercise they need.

Customized Care: We understand that every pet is unique, with individual needs and preferences. Our boarding services can be tailored to meet your pet’s specific requirements, from dietary preferences to playtime activities.

Safety and Security: Your pet’s safety is our top priority. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art security and sanitation systems to ensure a secure and comfortable stay for your furry family member.

The Benefits for Your Pet

Choosing our boarding services offers numerous benefits for your pet:

Socialization: Select our TLC Boarding Package for daily individual playtime with our staff.

Routine and Exercise: Dogs will enjoy romping in one of our two outdoor exercise areas. Our cat-condos with perches and pass-through openings to adjoining condos give cats extra room to stretch their legs.

Veterinary Oversight: Our team includes veterinarians who can promptly address any health concerns that may arise during your pet’s stay.

Peace of Mind: While you’re away, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet is safe, happy, and well-cared for by our dedicated staff.

a cat lying on a blanket